Not sure where it is safe to pull off the road safely?

Truck Friendly-

I first read about this on the Truck Friendly Facebook page.

If you are not following them…you should as they are constantly adding good information for all caravaners.


You may have seen green reflectors on some roadside guide posts, well they are there to serve a purpose. They are there to help you (and trucks) find a safe place to pull off the road which is not always easy on some rural roads. There will be gravel (or bitumen) so you won’t sink in soft grass and then need a tow truck to get you out.

It was not till after reading the article on the Truck friendly Facebook page that I noticed them. What you will see is approximately 500m out 3 green reflectors on a white roadside guide post, 250m out you will see 2 reflectors on a guide post and then at the safe stopping area you will see 1 green reflector on a guide post.

Late last year whilst travelling in far western NSW in very wet conditions I noticed them for the first time, all the stops where still good to pull over safely.



A very simple but effective system. Unfortunately, you will not see them in all states or on all roads. These are not overtaking lanes …or go-slow lanes but somewhere safe to pull off the road in a truck, motorhome or whilst towing a caravan.

Safe travels,


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