Weighpro provides a professional and personal mobile weighing service. We weigh Caravans I 4wd’s I Boats I Horse floats I Motorhomes I Trade vehicles I Trade trailers & even Racing cars. We offer our service to all areas of Sydney. We come to you using the very latest in wireless weighing technology accurate to within 1kg. We weigh all wheels independently giving the weight at each wheel, axle weight and if a trailer towball weight.  Upon completion of weighing your vehicle, you will receive a detailed report on the spot while we are still there to explain what it all means. We will explain all the acronyms like GVM, ATM, GCM, TBM, GTM.


When towing any trailer, knowing the permissable load weight is critically important.  This is not only for your own safety, but for the validity of your insurance.  If you are overloaded, your insurer may not cover you.

Towing a Caravan
Towing a Caravan
Weigh your car and caravan fully loaded with your essentials ready for that big trip
Towing a Boat
Towing a Boat
Weigh your boat with your gear inside
Towing a Horse Float
Towing a Horse Float
Weigh your horse float with your horse inside
When fully loaded the weight of a 4WD can quickly add up


We can accurately weigh your vehicle or trailer to within 1 kg to ensure you are not overloaded, or the weight is not poorly distributed in your vehicle or trailer.  Our equipment is fully certified and regularly calibrated.  A full report is provided to you.

Some common acronyms

  • ATM – Aggregate Trailer Mass. The maximum your trailer can weigh…fully loaded

  • GVM – Gross Vehicle Mass. The maximum your car can weigh…fully loaded

  • GCM – Gross Combination Mass. The maximum your car and trailer can weigh together as they travel down the road…fully loaded

  • TBM – Tow Ball Mass. The maximum weight the tow hitch exerts on the tow vehicle

  • GTM – Gross Trailer Mass.  This is the weight placed on the wheels of the trailer.

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