ABOUT WeighPro Mobile Vehicle Weighing

Weighpro provides a professional and personal mobile vehicle weighing service. We weigh Caravans I 4wd’s I Boats I Horse floats I Motorhomes I Trade vehicles I Trade trailers & even Racing cars. We offer our service to all areas of Sydney. We come to you using the very latest in wireless weighing technology accurate to within 1kg. We weigh all wheels independently giving the weight at each wheel, axle weight and if a trailer towball weight. Upon completion of weighing your vehicle you will receive a detailed report on the spot while we are still there to explain what it all means. We will explain all the acronyms like GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass), GTM ( Grass Trailer Mass), GCM ( Gross Combination Mass), ATM ( Aggregate Trailer Mass), TBM ( Tow Ball Mass).

Calibrated Equipment

Our machines use wireless technology and are regularly calibrated to ensure the most accurate results.

Professional Reports

Once we have weighed your vehicles and trailers we provide a fully comprehensive printed report.

Your Safety First

Your safety is our priority. We will provide you with accurate reports to enable you to tow safely.


Weighpro can weigh basically anything that can sit on 4 weigh pads up to 8 tonne.

We require a nice level hard surface to achieve accurate results. If you are not sure please call us to discuss.

Even Loads

By mobile vehicle weighing all four wheels, the towbar and the trailer, we can advise you regarding uneven loads.
This will help prevent fish-tailing and allow you to better distribute your loads.


If you are close to capacity, then deciding what to take and what to leave at home is important.
Weighing different configurations, allows you to make informed choices.

Safety First

Don’t invalidate your insurance or put yourself or your family at risk. Understand the numbers, and stay safe.


We can weigh anything that can sit on 4 weigh pads and up to 8 tonnes.

Challenge us with something different! 



Camper Trailers


Boat Trailers


Horse Floats


Trade Vehicle