Are Tow Ball Weight Scales Accurate?

Tow Ball Weight Scales Accurate

Well that depends on a few things. Firstly, the quality of the tow ball weight scales and secondly how you use the tow ball weight scales. These spring type tow ball weight scales seem to range in price from about $40 up to about $120. From my experience some are reasonably accurate if used correctly. Weighpro weighed a camper trailer and got an accurate tow ball weight, the customer then weighed his tow ball weight using his tow ball weight scales and got a difference of over 50kg…why?

The biggest reason for the difference was the height at which it was weighed. Weighpro weighed it at travel height with the trailer sitting level. The owner weighed the tow ball weight at a much lower height and for a single axle trailer that will increase the tow ball weight (works in reverse for a dual axle trailer).

Accuracy of his tow ball weight scales

We re weighed his tow ball weight using his scales but placed some timber under the scales to lift it to level…the difference this time was around 10kg…the difference this time is in the accuracy of his tow ball weight scales.

Weighpro uses a load cell tow ball weight scale, not a spring. The tow ball weight scales Weighpro uses are NATA calibrated annually and are accurate to 1kg. We measure ride height and front and rear of the caravan to ensure it is level or ever so slightly down in the front. If we find a caravan sitting low or high at the tow ball we will discuss this with the owner.

Weighpro weighed a caravan that was sitting down almost 250mm in the front, they had a very low tow ball weight and over 2000kg across the front axles of the caravan and less than 800kg across the rear axles of the caravan. This caused the caravan to sway terribly…but easily fixed.

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