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How much does a Vehicle weighing cost?

How heavy are caravans?

How much do caravans weigh?

Can I weigh caravan at home?

How do I calculate caravan towing weight?

Where is the best Mobile caravan weighing near me?

These are some of the common questions I see asked on the internet. Can I just go to a weigh station or caravan public weighbridge?

In short, yes. The big difference here is the way in which the caravan weighing is done.

Yes, you can drive onto a van weigh station first and weigh your car for your GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass), then drive on with the caravan and get your GCM (Gross Combination Mass), then unhitch the caravan and drive your car off the weighbridge to get your caravan ATM (Aggerate Trailer Mass) then reverse back on to the weighbridge and re-hitch the caravan … as long as there is not a couple of trucks waiting to get on the scales. And you should get your weights to an accuracy of 20kgs.

After all of that, you still won’t know your tow ball weight, axle weights or how the weight is distributed. You could purchase tow ball scales but I have seen huge discrepancies with the results shown by these scales. They are not height adjustable and this will affect the accuracy of the scales.

I had a customer weigh his combination after being weighed by Weighpro (I was still there) using tow ball scales and Reich scales he purchased and the result was some 300kg less than the actual weight (I’m not sure if he did something wrong or if the scales were out of calibration).

There’s a big difference when you get weighed by Weighpro. For a start, we come to your home (or suitable location). Our heavy weighing services include placing mobile vehicle weighing scales under each wheel and weighing at each wheel and axle weights using the latest certified wireless weigh pads, caravan axle weighing scales and indicators. This allows you to see how the load is distributed within the caravan and car.

We also weigh the tow ball and the result is given in kilograms and as a percentage on the report (too light on the tow ball can result in trailer sway) we also weigh to an accuracy of 1kg. We complete a much more detailed weigh providing GVM, TBM, GTM, ATM & GCM. Our program/app will then compare the actual weights with the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure you are safe and legal (All results are detailed in our easy-to-read and understand 3-page report, including explanations on all those confusing acronyms).

We also encourage you to move things around within the van if weigh distribution is not ideal, to see how you can improve your balance and tow ball weight of your caravan.

You can weigh with empty or full water tanks, add the bikes or kayaks, or whatever you want. You might like to see the difference with a weight distribution hitch (WDH) connected then disconnected….no problems. We are also not going to rush or pressure you, and will happily take the time to explain anything you are not sure of.

You will receive your personal 3-page report right there on the spot (no waiting for it to arrive via email for you to print it out yourself in a few days). We are still there to explain anything you are not sure of.

Knowing your weight is not just a safety issue but also a legal issue. Get it wrong and it could cost you in fines and demerit points, worst still you could be involved in an accident and then find out that your insurance has being declined.

If you don’t have a caravan but want to weigh a boat trailer, a trailer or a horse float (with the horses on board) or just vehicle weighing, there are no problems at all; you will get the same level of service.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, punctuality and friendliness.

Safe travels


Understanding Vehicle Weighing

Vehicle weighing is not just an ordinary process of measuring the weight of your car, truck, or caravan; it’s an essential practice with a wide range of applications. Whether you are a caravan enthusiast or a logistics professional, knowing the exact weight of your vehicle is vital for safety, efficiency, and compliance.

Mobile Vehicle Weighing Near Me

With its state-of-the-art mobile vehicle weighing services, Weighpro takes vehicle weighing to the next level. No longer are you bound to fixed weighing stations; we bring the scales to you. Whether you’re at a remote construction site, a farming location, or a caravan park, our mobile car weighing services are designed for your convenience.

Where can I weigh my caravan?

Caravan owners often find themselves wondering, “How much does my caravan weigh?” It’s a valid question because the weight of your caravan affects everything from fuel efficiency to road safety. Weighpro specialises in providing accurate caravan axle weighing scales, giving you precise measurements of your caravan’s weight distribution. We make it easy to weigh your caravan and ensure a smooth and safe journey.

Mobile Weighbridge Services

Our mobile weighbridge solutions are revolutionising the way industries manage their loads. Whether you’re transporting goods, construction materials, or agricultural produce, our mobile weighbridges offer unmatched flexibility. Gone are the days of queuing up at fixed weighbridges; we bring the weighbridge to your location, saving you time and effort.

Mobile Caravan Weighing Cost

When it comes to ensuring a safe and smooth towing experience with your caravan, prioritising road safety is crucial. Understanding the weight of both your caravan and tow vehicle is a key element in preventing accidents and adhering to regulations. 

If you’re searching for an ideal station for your quest of “Where can I weigh my vehicle near me?” and want to know the weighing services price, Weighpro is here to provide excellent services with transparent pricing. At Weighpro, we believe in facilitating worry-free journeys for our customers. Our pricing structure is designed to cater to various needs:

  •  Vehicles only start from $160: Tailored for those who primarily want to determine the weight of their tow vehicle.
  •  Caravan/trailer only starting from $300: Ideal for caravan or trailer owners seeking accurate weight information for their load.
  •  Motorhomes starting from $160: Perfect for motorhome owners looking to maintain optimal weight distribution for peace of mind.
  •  Tow vehicle and caravan/trailer/boat/horse float, etc., starting from $170: A comprehensive service covering multiple towing configurations.

While these prices serve as our standard rates, it’s important to note that additional surcharges may apply under specific conditions such as weekends, after-hours appointments, public holidays, or locations outside our primary service area. We recommend contacting us directly for a personalised quote or inquiries about potential surcharges based on your specific requirements. We are committed to providing efficient and trustworthy mobile weighing services at Weighpro.

Now, you might be wondering about the mobile caravan weighing price. The good news is that Weighpro’s services are convenient and cost-effective. We believe that access to accurate weighing solutions should be affordable for everyone. So, whether you’re an individual caravan owner or a logistics company, our pricing is designed to suit your budget.

The Benefits of Vehicle Weighing

So, why should you consider vehicle weighing services from Weighpro? Here are some compelling reasons:

  1. Safety: Accurate weight measurements are crucial for road safety. Overloaded vehicles pose a significant risk to drivers and other road users. Weighing your vehicle ensures you stay within safe weight limits.
  2. Efficiency: For businesses involved in transportation, knowing the weight of their loads is essential for optimising fuel consumption and overall efficiency. Weighpro’s services help you streamline your operations.
  3. Compliance: Many industries have legal weight limits that must be adhered to. Non-compliance can result in fines and legal issues. Weighpro’s weighing vehicles Sydney ensures you comply with all regulations.
  4. Cost Savings: Avoid unnecessary expenses caused by overloading. Weighing your vehicle helps you save on fuel costs and reduces wear and tear.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, staying informed and making the most of innovative solutions is the key to success. If you are searching for a certified weighbridge near me, you are in the right place. Weighpro’s vehicle weighing services empower individuals and businesses alike to make informed decisions, enhance safety, and improve efficiency.


So, whether you are searching for a vehicle weigh station near me, or you’re looking for a caravan weight check before a road trip or need a caravan weighbridge near me to optimise your logistics operations with car weighbridge solutions, Weighpro has you covered. Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to precision with caravan weighing services in our Sydney towing company.

It’s time to contact us and unlock the full potential of your vehicles, and it all starts with an accurate weight measurement. vehicle weighing