Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use Weighpro instead of a public Weighbridge?

– We come to you so you don’t have to find a public weighbridge or the stress associated with using one.

– We weigh each wheel independently giving you wheel weights; axle weights, tow ball weight. You can see if the weight is distributed correctly (left to right…front to back). A public weighbridge can’t do that.

– We supply a detailed report on the spot stating GVM, GTM, TBM, ATM & GCM….and we are there to explain anything you are unsure of.

– You will know exactly how much available payload you have in both the vehicle and caravan/trailer.

Why should I worry about what my car or caravan weighs?

If your car GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) or caravan ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) or the combined weight of both (GCM- Gross Combination Mass) are overweight you could be fined and receive demerit points as it is an offence. Worst still, you could be involved in an accident which could be caused by being overweight and your insurance company may choose not to pay.

I know my car is not overweight, I know my caravan is not overweight does that mean I’m within the law?

Not necessarily, GCM (Gross Combination Mass) is the combined weight of the car and caravan as it drives down the road, quite often to tow the maximum tow weight allowed the car has to reduce weight. In other words, if your car is at its maximum allowed GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) and the caravan is at its maximum allowed ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) you could still be overweight on the GCM (Gross Combination Mass).

Should I pack everything in before we get weighed?

Yes…we recommend you get weighed as if you were about to head off on a trip. Including all passengers and a full tank of fuel. Gas in the bottles and water in the tanks (if that is how you normally travel) Bikes on the racks & kayaks on the roof.

Everything you would normally take with you on your trip

How do we avoid caravan sway or “getting the wobbles”?

This comes down to correctly distributing the weight within the caravan/trailer. In the report you receive from us we detail where the weight is…. if the weight is too far back in the caravan or trailer (too light on the tow hitch) the van can sway which is probably one of the biggest causes of towing accidents.

GVM…GTM…TBM…ATM…GCM… what do they all mean?

Our detailed report will make it simple for you to understand all the different weights.

Is the tare weight on my caravan’s compliance plate always correct?

No…the tare weight is the weight as it came out of the factory. Any accessories fitted by the dealer, or if second hand by the previous owner all add to the weight. This often means that unless you weight the caravan you have no way of knowing how much it actually weighs.

How much gear can I take away with me on that big lap?

Our detailed report will specify available payload down to the kilogram.


Can you just weigh my caravan?

Yes, we can. However, we do recommend that you weigh both the caravan/trailer and tow vehicle but the choice is yours.


Caravan weighing?

WEIGHPRO can come to you, check our website map or list of suburbs to see if we cover your area…if you are still not sure send us an enquiry.


How can I get my caravan weighed at home?

We come to you. All we require is a flat level hard surface with car and van attached (concrete or bitumen) to get accurate results… if you do not have a suitable area at your home, no problems we can meet you somewhere of your choosing to professionally weigh your setup.

How can I get my caravan weighed at home?

We come to you. All we require is a flat level hard surface with car and van attached (concrete or bitumen) to get accurate results… if you do not have a suitable area at your home, no problems we can meet you somewhere of your choosing to professionally weigh your setup.

What happens if my caravan is overweight?

If you are overweight you are not roadworthy and your insurance may be compromised. You will have some work to do, with our report you will know exactly how much weight you must remove from the caravan and/ or the tow vehicle to be compliant.

Should a caravan sit level when towing?

A dual axle caravan will be lighter at the tow hitch if it is sitting down in the front and heavier at the tow hitch if its raised. This is reversed for a single axle caravan. Confused… Read our blog on our website on Hitch Heights for more information.

Where should most of the weight be in a caravan?

All the heavy items loaded into a caravan should be placed as low as possible and positioned over the axles or forward in certain situations. Lighter items can be placed higher and towards the rear. Aiming for a TBM (Tow ball mass) of between 8 – 12%. Some caravans will tow perfectly well with a heavier or lighter TBM so its really only a guide. Toyota as an example recommends 9-11% TBM.

How much does it cost to weigh my car and caravan?

Check out our WEIGHPRO website for pricing or send us an enquiry through our website contact page.

What is the best way to weigh a caravan?

Professionally using NATA calibrated weigh equipment. The weigh equipment we use is NATA calibrated and specifically designed to weigh caravans, trailers and tow vehicles. We also have a computer program that has been designed by experts that gives detailed information specific to the weigh…Comparing actual weight to manufacturers specifications covering GVM, ATM, TBM, GTM & GCM (These are all explained on the day) We also give individual wheel weights, axle weights and TBM as a percentage. It is a very detailed 3-page report.

How long does it take to weigh my caravan?

This depends on a few factors, we allow 2hrs to weigh your setup. Sometimes it takes a bit less than 2 hours if everything is good, sometimes a bit longer if we need improve things like TBM (Tow ball mass) or improve weight distribution.

Can we weigh when it is raining?

The answer is yes, we can…but it can be very unpleasant. If you are going away the next day and we cannot reschedule we will get it done.

What type of vehicle can be weighed by Weighpro Mobile Vehicle Weighing?

Weighpro can weigh anything that can sit on 4 weigh pads to an accuracy of +/- 1kg. The maximum weight per pad is 2000kg. We also have tow ball scales to measure TBM (tow ball mass) of a trailer. The equipment we use is all state-of-the-art equipment, no cables as its all Bluetooth. Nata calibrated every 12 months.


You’re not alone…our professional service will send you off with the knowledge and confidence to complete your trip safely and legally.