Importance of tow hitch height

tow hitch height

It is so important to get the tow hitch height right when towing a caravan or trailer. Hitch height can make a huge difference to tow ball weight.

If we look at a 4-wheel trailer first … If the hitch height is too low this will decrease the tow ball weight…too high will increase the tow ball weight.

A 2-wheel trailer is the reverse, lower hitch height will increase tow ball weight and a higher hitch height will reduce it. It is very important that when we weigh tow ball mass (TBM) we are weighing at travel height.

I have had customers try their spring scales for accuracy following our weigh to see how close their scales are, but unless they are weighing at travel height their results will always be incorrect. A tape measure is a must have when caravanning. Measure the front and rear of the caravan to ensure that it is sitting level, if that is not possible then slightly down in the front.

I recently weighed a caravan that was sitting approximately 250mm down at the front of the caravan (not at the hitch, that would have been even more).

This put over 2000kg on the front wheels of the trailer and reduced the weight on the rear wheels to below 800kg which in turn lightened the tow ball to a dangerously low tow ball mass (TBM).

This caused the caravan to sway. When my customer took delivery of their brand-new caravan it was simply attached to his vehicle, no mention of the tow height. To fix this problem is straight forward, an adjustable hitch is required. We in turn re weighed the caravan near to level (slightly down in the front as they still needed to open the tailgate on their ute). This fixed everything, TBM was perfect as were the weights on each of the wheels in the caravan.



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