Weighing Caravans When you buy a caravan, it doesn't contain all your gear.  Once your caravan is packed with everything you need it's important to ensure its total weight is [...]

Boat Trailers


BOAT TRAILERS Boat trailers are often customised with an upgraded outboard motor, new accessories inside and your travel gear.  Now what does it weigh? We weigh your boa [...]

Horse Floats


HORSE FLOATS Horses are valuable cargo.  Weigh your Horse Floats with one or two horses on board. WE COME TO YOU Pick a date convenient to you and we'll come and weigh [...]

Trade Vehicles


TRADE VEHICLES If you regularly carry metal toolboxes, various types of tools, mowers, stock and other work items, why not get your vehicle weighed to ensure you do not invali [...]

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