How much does a car weigh kg?

how much does a car weigh kg

How much does a car weigh kg? This is a question many are looking to get answered. Just ten years ago, exploring the world of car weights online was a bit tricky. The definition of car weight wasn’t the same for everyone, including experts and regular folks. In the world of automobiles, the weight of a […]

Axle load capacities are often overlooked

Axle load capacities

Axle load capacities are often forgotten when people are looking at their weights or are in the market for a new tow vehicle. People quite often think about GVM, TBM, ATM & GCM but forget to look at axle load ratings. I have weighed 4×4’s even with GVM upgrades that have failed axle weight ratings. […]

What’s weighing you down?

It doesn’t matter if you are towing or not…weighing matters. It can be very easy to go overweight as everything we put in our car, van or trailer weighs something. Going over can affect vehicle dynamics. Increasing weight on a car or caravan can affect the way they handle, add increased speed and slight inputs […]

Mobile Vehicle Weighing

4WD's Trade Vehicle

Mobile Vehicle Weighing How heavy are caravans? How much do caravans weigh? Where can I weigh my caravan? Can I weigh my caravan at home? How do I calculate caravan towing weight? These are some of the common questions I see asked on the internet. Can I just go to a weigh station or public […]