Big 3.5t caravan Towing

Towing that big 3.5t caravan

Towing that big 3.5t caravan These days nearly all the Ute manufacturers offer 3.5t (3500kg) towing with their vehicles. But how close can we get to that realistically? Let’s look at just few: Vehicle Year Tow ATM TBM Kerb Mass GVM GCM Ford Ranger 2.0L 20 3500 350 2197 3200 6000 Ford Ranger 3.2L 20 […]

Towing Speed Limit for Caravans

towing speed limit

What is the towing speed limit for a caravan around Oz? This is something we have to be aware of. Do the wrong thing here and it will cost you in fines and demerit points. Unfortunately, we can’t use ignorance as an excuse. A lot of large vehicle / caravan combinations can weigh between 5,500kg […]